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Welcome to Youth Ministry at St. Thomas More Parish!

We are so glad you stopped by! We have three great programs for youth 6th-12th grade, and special events as well! Please take a look, and remember that drop-ins are welcome for all non-sacramental prep programs.

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  • Upcoming Special Events:

Mission Trip

Junior High SCREAM

Vacation Bible School Volunteering


  • Programs: Program information for 2017-18 will be announced as details are finalized. In the meantime, check out what we did last year!
ENCOUNTER (grades 6-8) EMPOWER (grades 9-12) Confirmation


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Mission Trip

Come join St. Thomas More Youth Ministry on our "Walk with the Saints" Mission Trip to Shaw Island from July 10-14! Youth currently in grades 8-12 are invited. The cost is $50, which is marked down from the usual $300 for this trip!

Shaw Island is in the San Juans. It is two hours from our parish, and half of that is by ferry. We will be serving at "Our Lady of the Rock," the Benedictine monastery on the island. The sisters are mostly in their 70's and 80's, and they run a fully functioning farm, so they are in dire need of help. We will be joining a multi-parish group that has been going for 8 years, with around 40-60 participants each time. They have put together an amazing program over the years which we are happy to take advantage of!

Going on this trip would entail ferry boat rides, farm and construction-y service projects, spectacular views, fellowship and games, talks on the saints by UW Newman Center students, daily Mass, experiencing monastic life, listening to the sisters sing the Divine Office, Confession, Adoration, sleeping in tents, and free time on the beach, just to name a few!

The deadline for registration is June 20th. Please RSVP before registering, so that others can see who is attending. For those who want to go only if someone in particular is going- follow the RSVP link and choose "Maybe" so that they can see your interest. Then be sure to check back and register on June 20th!


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Junior High SCREAM

Youth in grades 6-8 are invited to SCREAM, our multi-parish Junior High bash on June 24th, Noon-7:30 PM!

We will go to: a Rally at Tambark Park, Trampolining at Elevated Sports, Skating at the Skate Deck, and Bowling at Evergreen Lanes.

Drop-off and pick-up will be at St. Thomas More. Volunteers will drive the youth to the park and back from bowling, while a party bus will shuttle them from event to event. The cost is $40.

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Vacation Bible School Volunteering

VBS is a super fun day camp for grade schoolers that our parish puts on every year at the end of July/beginning of August. This is also a very popular week-long service opportunity for our youth. Youth make up the bulk of our VBS volunteers, helping out with decorating and set-up, leading crews of kids through activities, putting on stations for large group games, fun lessons, arts and crafts, etc. Volunteers also get to do their own activities, like making their own tye-dye t-shirts before the start and having a big water fight at the end. Last year we had 35 youth helping out.

VBS volunteering also counts toward the service hour requirement for those who will be in the Confirmation group next year. Adults are always needed, as well; we had a few parents volunteer along with their youth last year, and talk about a great way to bond and foster a family culture of faith and service! Last year was my first time with VBS, by the way, and I can tell you that I REALLY enjoyed it and cannot wait to do it again!

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ENCOUNTER (grades 6-8)

In 2016-17, our Junior High youth group, ENCOUNTER, met on Wednesday evenings, from 6:30-7:45 PM in the Youth Room, located in the basement of the Parish Office. This time was particularly advantageous for families with younger siblings attending Children’s Faith Formation on Wednesday evenings.

2016-17 ENCOUNTER Schedule

Last year, we encountered God through His self-revelation in Sacred Scripture! We used "T3: The Teen Timeline" Bible study by Ascension Press. This fun program had hilarious videos hosted by Mark Hart, interesting activities, and a way of helping us to wrap our minds and hearts around the "story" of the Bible that brought its power into our present lives.

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EMPOWER (grades 9-12)

In 2016-17, EMPOWER, the Senior High youth group, met on Sundays, 6:30-8:00 PM, September-May, in the Youth Room (Parish Office basement). Whether regulars or drop-ins for a night or special event, all were welcome!

2016-17 EMPOWER Schedule

Last year, we were empowered by the life-changing teachings of Pope St. John Paul II as we entered into "YOU: Life, Love, and the Theology of the Body." Described by Christopher West as "a theological time bomb set to go off," the Theology of the Body opened to us an incredible truth: it is through the body that the invisible is made visible, the spiritual and divine are revealed. By coming to know the unrepeatable goodness of ourselves, as physical-spiritual beings created in the image of God, we come to better understand WHO and WHY we are.

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Confirmation is a 2-year process. For the 1st year, youth must regularly attend EMPOWER, our Senior High youth group (no more than 3 absences), or a Catholic High School.

For the second consecutive year, youth must be aged 16+ by February 1, 2017, and attend the Confirmation group (no more than 2 absences). In 2016-17, the Confirmation group sessions were on Sundays, 3-4:30 PM, in the Youth Room (basement of the Parish Office). Parish-based service hours and attendance at the Confirmation retreat on Jan. 13-15 were among other requirements. There were further details in the Confirmation pack.

2016-17 CONFIRMATION Schedule


2016-17 Parish Service Hours Form

2016-17 Confirmation Retreat Registration Form

Request for Confirmation Letter

Eligibility requirements for Confirmation sponsors were listed in the Confirmation pack. Responsibilities were laid out in the Sponsor Guide. Sponsors registered online by Oct. 23rd. Recently printed copies of Sponsors' Baptismal certificates with notations of First Communion and Confirmation were due to the Youth Ministry Office by Oct. 30th. It may take time to send these copies, especially if the Baptismal parish is out-of-state or country, so requests should be placed ASAP. In the event that there is no possible way to obtain the certificates (for example, all records destroyed in a church fire), then sponsors may attempt to request that their current registered parish complete the Sponsor Verification Form.

2016-17 Online Sponsor Registration

2016-17 Sponsor Guide

Sponsor Verification Form

As noted on the schedule, there were three possible Confirmation Mass dates (with possible rehearsals on the Thursday before them). The Archdiocese confirmed one of the dates around mid-October and an announcement was made for Feb. 26th. The program ended with the Confirmation Mass, so any sessions scheduled after the final Confirmation Mass date were cancelled.

Our Confirmation group continued with the "Chosen" program by Ascension Press that we began last year. Chosen is the top-rated Confirmation program out there, challenging candidates to re-examine the meaning of their lives and their ultimate call to holiness.

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Youth Ministry Volunteers

Youth Ministry would be impossible without caring adult volunteers! Whether you're interested in helping out regularly, just once for a special event, or every now and then, we can use you and your skills! To volunteer, you will need to send in a volunteer application form and a background check request, either by e-mailing the Youth Minister, or mailing or dropping it off at the Parish Office. Upon approval, you will be asked to take a Safe Environment training. To find a training near you, click here and look under the Seattle Archdiocese sessions. For the forms, see below:

Youth Ministry Volunteer Application Form

Background Check Request

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Many parishioners are not aware that the Youth Ministry program relies entirely on donations and program fees. We are not part of the parish budget.

A gift to the youth of the parish is also a gift to the donor. The young Church is our joy in the present and our hope for the future. Please consider laying aside some treasure in Heaven by giving up some treasure for them now.

Your donation makes it possible to:

  • Get exciting new curriculum and program materials
  • Provide program scholarships for families in financial distress
  • Renovate the Youth Room
  • Provide refreshments for sessions, activities, and sacramental receptions
  • Cover event costs for chaperones
  • Reduce activity fees
  • Show appreciation to catechists
  • Go on Mission Trips

                 ...and much more!

Donate Now

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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Questions? Contact the Youth Minister, Becky Harmon, at or (425) 743-2929 x106