Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at 8:51 PM
The dispensation from attending Holy Day of Obligation is now lifted. WELCOME BACK OUR FAITHFUL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We will continue to mask up and keep you safe.
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Faith Formation Commission

The commission advises and supports the Pastor and the Faith Formation staff as they assess parish needs and ensure that quality faith formation program are developed and implemented for the passing on of the Catholic Faith to our children and adults.

The Faith Formation Commission's role includes:

  • Assessing Parish needs for Faith Formation
  • Advising the pastor/pastoral leader and other delegates regarding Faith Formation needs
  • Ensuring that qualtiy Faith Formation programs are implemented in the parish


  • The commission represents the diversity of the parish
  • The members of the commission possess experience in Faith Formation, Youth Formation, Adult and and other religious education programs.

Faith Formation Commission Brochure:
Click here for the Faith Formation Commission Brochure

Staff Members:

Sharon Guerrero
PA for Children's Faith Formation

Kelly Orozco
PA for Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Violeta Juzon
Adult Scripture Study /Marriage Prep
PA for Parish Engagement and Involvement
Fr. Okumu

Vy Lai- Chair

Theresa Jellison
Margie Concepcion