Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at 8:51 PM
The dispensation from attending Holy Day of Obligation is now lifted. WELCOME BACK OUR FAITHFUL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We will continue to mask up and keep you safe.
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Councils and Commissions

Parish Councils and Commissions
"Many Gifts, One Spirit"

ST THOMAS MORE PASTORAL COUNCIL consist of members who are selected through a discernment process.  The council is consultative body to the pastor.  Their purpose is to prayerfully examine, consider and draw conclusions concerning parish matters in order to make recommendations to the pastor according to the Archdiocesan guidelines defined in "Many Gifts, One Spirit".
Chair:  Ann Ayson,
Pastoral council brochure

the Finance Council is a consultative body which advises the Pastor Concerning the Stewardship of fiscal resources, including the long range planning to support the mission of the parish.

Chair:  Dick Pyle,
Finance Coucil brochure


This commission assists our parish community in living out their Baptismal call to discipleship by fostering stewardship way of life by sharing their TIME, TALENT and TREASURE.  Members are involved in conducting Parish planned giving, welcoming hospitality, and appreciation and also providing stewardship-related educational opportunities for parishioners.
Chair: Laura Piispanen,
Stewardship Commission Brochure

The School Commission advises, supports and collaborated with the Pastro and Principal in the foramtion of school policy and he ongoing development of the school.

Chair:  Derrick Millett

School Commission Brochure


This commission works closely with the Pastor to support the spirituality and prayerlife of the parish community and to ensure that Liturgies nourrish the life of the parish.  
Chair:  Kevin Norris,
Liturgy Commission Brochure


Commission members give their time and talent for the purpose of ensuring both short and long term needs of the Parish buildings and grounds.  They facilitate construction, repair and improvement projects as needed.

Chair:  inactive
Maintenance and Facilities brochure

This commission advises and supports the Pastor and the Faith Formation staff.  They assess parish needs and ensure that quality faith formation programs are developed and implemented for the passing on of the Catholic Faith to our children and adults. 

Chair:  Vy Lai,
Faith Formation Commission Brochure

The commission honors, celebrates, and acknowledges the richness of the ethnic and cultural diversity in our faith community.  To live the real presence of Christ through cultural knowledge and acceptance and letting the gifts of culture enrich the life of the church, community and people.
Chair:  Eddie and Ellen Abellera,
Intercultural Commission Brochure

Justice and Peace  Commission
The commission initiates activities to further the social justice teachings of the Church.  Examples includes: Community Gardern, the Cold Weather Shelter, Feed my Sheep, etc....
Chair:  Mary Charles
Justice and Peace Commission Brochure