Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at 8:51 PM
The dispensation from attending Holy Day of Obligation is now lifted. WELCOME BACK OUR FAITHFUL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We will continue to mask up and keep you safe.
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Administrative Ministry


Administrative ministries are the busy bees at the parish office.  The parish relies on volunteers to help with covering the phone, counts money collections and stuff the Bulletin.


Parish Receptionist

Volunteers cover the phone and front door Monday-Friday at the parish offices, one morning or afternoon a week. A warmsende of hospitaltiy is important as well as the ability to take on additional light office duties.

Bulletin Stuffers

Volunteers meets every Friday monring at the parish office for some fun and fellowship while stuffing bulletins.

Offertory Money Counters

A team of volunteers meets every Monday morning from 9-noon to count the funds collected at Mass each week.  Each group volunteers on a weekly rotation.

Contact Parish Office if interested in any of the above ministries:  425-743-2929

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