Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at 8:51 PM
The dispensation from attending Holy Day of Obligation is now lifted. WELCOME BACK OUR FAITHFUL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! We will continue to mask up and keep you safe.
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Fr. Joseph Doogan

Father Joseph Doogan    

First Pastor


During the fifteen years of Father Doogan's pastorate, the seeds were sown to grow a strong community of the faithful.  The movements within the faithful.  The movements within the church, Marriage Encounter and Charismatic Renewal were encouraged.  All the parish organizations, the Guilds, the Legion of Mary, the Knights of Columbus, the Parish Auction, the weekly bingo, and the Parish Council (replacing the Men's Club) were organized and the parish began to grow through the generosity and faith of many.  As the pastoral demands of the growing parish increased, a lay Pastoral Assistant was hired.  This was possible because the financial health of the parish was good and debt was almost paid off.

When the parish buildings were finished and in use, landscaping of the property was begun.  Work parties were formed to clean up the property.  Hundreds of hours were spent raking rocks, moving dirt, planting shrubs, rolling sod and all the other work needed to make barren ground into lovely gardens.  In the words of one of our founding parishioners, Chuck Sohnly, "All this couldn't have been done without the leadership of our pastor, Father Doogan, who provided lunch (McDonalds) and refreshments.  Lasting friendships were formed by these young families from all over the country."