Pastoral Council


The Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Pastor which serves the people of God through visionary leadership and direction. 

The purpose of the Pastoral Council is:

  • To create, inspire, and demonstrate leadership and enthusiasm for all matters relating to the spiritual and temporal affairs of St. Thomas More Parish
  • To provide recommendations for Parish priorities, directions, and policies through pastoral planning.
  • To Promote communication, visibility, and understanding among the Parish Commissions, Committees, Community, Archdiocese, and universal Church.
  • Informing community, Council members are challenged to ongoing renewal through prayer, study, listening, and dialogue.
  • In developing priorities and directions for the Parish, the Council is to become the means to achieving full participation by the Parish in its mission by giving its voice in guiding and directing Parish life.
  • In fostering communication, the Council encourages and initiates dialogue among parish leadership and organizations and brings the concerns to the larger Church.

The council can be a vehicle to inform the Archbishop of Parish needs and directions.

2018 Pastoral Council Members

Ann Ayson -2016  Chair person 2018
Joan Marie Hughes-2016
Kyle Dodge 2016
Jonas Mitchell- 2017
Karen Austin- Co-Chair 2015
Steve Carroll-2017
Kelly Lucas-2017


Fr. Okumu, Pastor

For more information about the Policies and Procedures for the Pastoral Council click this link