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Youth Ministry





St Thomas More Youth are AWEsome!







Quotes about Faith and youth (31 quotes)


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What Every Catholic Should Know:

Youth Ministry - Saints Mary and Joseph Parish - Salem, NH

Link For High School Youth Group:

Youth Group-Click Link to Register
                   Click Link for Schedule

                    Click here for Zoom classes permission form. Please print, sign and date the form and return it to Kelly in the Parish Office.

Please contact Kelly at if you need special accommodations such as virtual classes.




Confirmation Program | St. Roman Parish


Confirmation Classes start Sept. 18th for High School and Oct. 1st for Jr. High.  Click Link to Register. Click Link for HS Schedule. Click Link for Jr High Schedule
Click here for the Zoom classes permission form. Please print, sign and date form and give it to Kelly in the Parish Office
Click the link for Confirmation Sponsor Eligibility Form.
Click the link for the Reflection Questions for Candidates.

 Classes for High School Confirmation will be on Sundays from noon-2pm, Youth Mass on the 2nd Saturday of the month is also required.

Classes for Jr. Confirmation will be on Fridays from 6:30pm-8pm. Youth Mass on the 2nd Saturday of the month is also required.

Our 1st Class, on 9/26 will be in the church to observe the rededication of our Sanctuary and will be from noon-2:30pm. Our Second class on Oct. 3rd will be at our regular time of noon - 2pm but will be via zoom, parents should attend this session.  This will be the only class parents are required to be present. 

The Link for the Oct. 3rd meeting is;

Please contact Kelly at if you need special accommodations.


  • Confirmation Requirements:
    • Sunday or Friday Class – Must not miss more than 4 classes
    • Small Group Project *Can be fulfilled with Youth Group
    • Bible Study On Sundays for those who have not been in faith formation
    • Stations of the Cross during lent
    • Convention for High School November 6th-7th at the Lynwood Convention Center
    • Convention for Jr. High March 12th. 
    • Confirmation Retreat;  High School: January 12th, 10am-8pm                     Jr. High: Feb. 8th 10am - 8pm 
    • Candidate sponsor retreat TBD and will be via Zoom
    • There will be an additional cost for the retreat and the convention
    • Youth Mass Starting  October 9th 
    • Accept Purpose e-mail



Jr. High Youth Group | Sacred Heart of Jesus - Roman Catholic Church |  Anna, OH


Middle School Youth Group Starts Sept. 22nd Via Zoom.  Class will Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm.  Please click on the link provided for class or cut and paste it to your web browser.

We hope to be in person soon but due to Covid restriction, we will be meeting virtually for the time being.    Click Link to Register. Click Link for Schedule
   Click here for Zoom classes permission form.

Please contact Kelly at if you need special accommodations such as virtual classes.


For More Information about Faith Formation and Sacramental Preperation during Covid-19 restrictions, please visit the Archdiocesan website

Liturgical Calendar for 2022

2022 Year of Grace Liturgical Calendar - Paper Poster


STM Youth Group Leadership Committee 

Our Parish is looking for Students in grades 9th - 12th to help develop the new Youth Group at St. Thomas More.  This group will help define our group's mission and will be instrumental in implimenting our Senior High Ministry.  If you are excited about youth ministry and want to be part of positive change,please join us for te meeting.  If you are interested please contact Kelly Orozco at 425-743-2929 ext 106 or email


Upcomming Events

Youth Ministry



Humility is a neccessary component of peace as our Pope Francis shows us


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis knelt and kissed the feet of South Sudan's rival leaders Thursday, in an unprecedented act of humbleness to encourage them to strengthen the African country's faltering peace process.


Pope Francis kneels to kiss the feet of South Sudan's Deputy President Taban Deng Gai, at the Vatican, Thursday, April 11, 2019. Pope Francis has closed a two-day retreat with South Sudan authorities at the Vatican with an unprecedented act of respect, kneeling down and kissing the feet of the African leaders. (Vatican Media via AP)


At the close a two-day retreat in the Vatican for the African leaders, the pope asked South Sudan's president and opposition leader to proceed with the peace agreement despite growing difficulties. Then he got down on his knees and kissed the leaders' feet one by one.

Synod 2018 on Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment

Cut and paste the address below to see Pope Francis's message to the youth.


How Can I Support Youth Ministry?


Youth Ministry Volunteering 



Youth Ministry Volunteers


Youth Ministry would be impossible without caring adult volunteers! Whether you're interested in helping out regularly, just once for a special event, or every now and then, we can use you and your skills! To volunteer, you need to contact Violeta in the Parish Office at 425-743-2929 ext 111. To find a training near you, click here and look under the Seattle Archdiocese sessions. While registering for a class, there will be a link to submit a background check. There is also a hard copy available in the link below.

Background Check Request

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A gift to the youth of the parish is also a gift to the donor. The young Church is our joy in the present and our hope for the future. Please consider laying aside some treasure in Heaven by giving up some treasure for them now.

Your donation makes it possible to:

  • Get exciting new curriculum and program materials
  • Provide program scholarships for families in financial distress
  • Renovate the Youth Room
  • Provide refreshments for sessions, activities, and sacramental receptions
  • Cover event costs for chaperones
  • Reduce activity fees
  • Show appreciation to catechists
  • Go on Mission Trips

                 ...and more!


Your support is greatly appreciated!


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Questions? Contact Kelly Orozco
at 425-743-2929 ext 106 or